Jacky's new 6POTMini Set Up and JTune 'Best Motoring' Style Meet

Last Saturday we were invited to attend the Jtune "Best Motoring" Style Meet. Aptly named by the JTune team in honour of one of the worlds best known titles in automotive culture, we we're proud to be there in support of several customers running ENDLESS Brakes, and to test Jacky's new 6POTMini caliper and Weds wheel set up on his FD2 street/track Civic.

Held at Hampton Downs Motorsport Park during twilight hours there was a fantastic turnout with full pits of impressive street and track machines, dripping with ready-to-race JDM goodness.
Prosport Auto had recently assisted Jacky from JTune in the upgrade of his standard FD2 Civic to something which was going to be more road/track capable. With a fairly solid starting point, it was out with the old (or standard we should say) and in with the mods to get this thing more maneuverable, lighter and stronger on it's feet.

Jacky's FD2 Civic Road/Track Conversion:

JTune K24 Engine Upgrade - 195kw
Buddyclub Coilover Suspension
SVM Camshafts
Skunk Intake Manifold
JTune Intake Pipe Kit
JTune Titanium Full Exhaust
ENDLESS 6POTMini Caliper Kit with 332mm 2-piece ENDLESS Discs and ENDLESS N35S Racing Compound Brake Pads.
Wedssport TC105N 18x9 Lightweight (7.7kg) Competition Wheels
Mike from Prosport Auto even got to test the upgrade out for himself, with Jacky letting him get behind the wheel for a spin. "For a relatively basic vehicle it's very capable on a racetrack. The engine modifications that JTune have made with the K24 have really livened the car up. The cornering speed and grip levels much are greater than I expected. The handling was amazing with the wheel and tyre combo and once Jacky fits the rear GT wing it will make the rear stick much better."
For many of the street/track vehicles here running an ENDLESS Brake compound takes a bit of choosing depending on your own personal driving style and preference for performance. The good thing is, there's an ENDLESS compound for everyone.
For drivers like Jacky, ENDLESS N35S is the compound of choice because it offers very high initial bite (as soon as you stomp on the brakes you get it) and high temperature rating (high fade resistance under consistent and continued use).

For drivers like Andrew in the EK9 Civic, ENDLESS ME22 is the compound of choice because it's a lighter bite option where boosters are involved providing good control and consistency of braking performance. Andrew drives his car on the street as well so he needs something that will work well from cold, and ME22 does this every time.
For drivers like Jason in the CL7 Accord, MX72 is a dual purpose pad, made for the street and for light track days. Compared to ME22 this option offers even better cold performance, and is lowest in noise while still being able to take a beating up to 700ÂșC.
Whatever your method of application is, be it street, track or a mix of both - the guys at Jtune can get you sorted with any ENDLESS product. For expert knowledge and advice you can flick Mike an email: mike@prosportauto.co.nz or give him a call anytime on 021 174 2727 for some help.

We're looking forward to the next JTune track day, maybe Mike can finally get his beater out on track too this time!


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