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Exclusive distributors of Endless Brakes and Girodisc products.

Official New Zealand Distributors of ENDLESS Advance Race Brake Technology, Girodisc, Forgeline, Advan and Weds Wheels, Bride Seating and Function Suspension Systems - the best genuine Japanese Automotive Products.

Endless Advanced Race Brake Technology designs the worlds best braking components in pads, fluid, caliper, rotor and accessory solutions.

Performance Friction (PFC) is a specialist brakes manufacturing company based in the USA, made world famous for their brake pads used in racing worldwide.

Girodisc rotors are 2-piece floating discs which reduce unsprung weight and improve performance over 1-piece discs. Designed and Manufactured in-house at Girodisc in the USA.
Weds is a Japanese designed and manufactured wheel producer. Providing extreme high quality wheel solutions.
ADVAN is Yokohama's flagship brand. It's the name given to Yokohama's best high performance road tyres, race tyres and light weight wheel range.
BRIDE is a world-renowned FIA approved seat manufacturer, providing genuine safety and comfort in reclining, fixed bucket, racing and accessory options.

BRIDE Seats - Real vs Fake

November 15, 2016
Telling the difference between a Real BRIDE seat and a Fake BRIDE seat can be tough, but here are some pointers below to get you started. The seats below are of the STRADIA II model. Real being on the left and Fake being on the right.Next week we'll un-box a BRIDE Zeta III Seat and BRIDE Rails and...
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