BRIDE Seats - Real vs Fake

Telling the difference between a Real BRIDE seat and a Fake BRIDE seat can be tough, but here are some pointers below to get you started. The seats below are of the STRADIA II model. Real being on the left and Fake being on the right.

Next week we'll un-box a BRIDE Zeta III Seat and BRIDE Rails and show you the included paperwork, also known as the "Birth Certificate" for genuine BRIDE items.
① Headrest logo distortion
② Difference of material and color of fabric of shoulder part
③ Color difference between the start and end points of the gradation logo on the back
④ Genuine gradation logo fabric rough texture and density
⑤ Disturbance of stitching stands out for counterfeit goods
⑥ Difference of bolt used for side frame
⑦ Counterfeit goods do not have dial cover (supplier dependant)
⑧ Distortion of headrest logo (back)
⑨ Counterfeit goods have reclining dial not stepped inside, there is a gap
⑩ The current item has an external spring

All BRIDE Seats and Rails come with unique serial numbers

If you're ever unsure about if your BRIDE seat is real or not, you can contact us on mike@prosportauto.co.nz with your serial number details. Prosport Auto is the only authorised distributor in New Zealand and this is shown here on the BRIDE website - BRIDE JP - New Zealand Distributor


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