Advan Racing RSII - Japanese


  • At last, advanced RS wheels with machined spoke side-cuts.
  • While maintaining the clean, refined style of the full-face 10-spoke design of RS, RSII offers a more assertive, sophisticated concave spoke shape.
  • These wheels feature high-quality casting and flow-forming rim shaping.
  • These wheels have two faces. Standard design and GTR design which has more concave spokes.
  • "ADVAN Racing"logo is cast on the rim part between spokes in 1mm high. After painting, the letters are engraved on the face by processing machine.
  • Three colours are available: Racing Hyper Silver, which was only available in RS for BMW, Racing Hyper Black, which uses the Racing Hyper Silver as a base with strong undertones of black, and Semi Gloss Black, which has half gloss of conventional Matte Black.
  • ADVAN Racing RSII logo stickers come with all wheels.
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