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The RZ wheels, a crossover design that fused twin 5-spokes with uniform 10-spokes, have now evolved a step farther with RZⅡ. This evolution fuses all the forged wheel technology that has come before and shows us the future. Based on the crossover RZ design, the twin spokes are made thinner to create a sharper image. To assure sufficient strength with such thin spokes, the spoke sides (the side of narrow angle) are stepped for reinforcement. Yet that step does not continue at the same width all the way down the side of the spoke, but the underside is cut away again, from about 10mm down to produce a more refined look. This shape contributes to weight reduction by eliminating excess material on the underside while maximizing the strength advantages of the stepped spoke. We were able to achieve this shape thanks to our advanced high-tech simulator that tells us exactly how strong each element will be. Further, the shape is not the result of post-forging machining. Instead, the upper and lower sides of forms are micro-machined to perfect shape and fit to achieve the shape. These wheels truly are the result of today's most sophisticated forging technology. On the other hand, milling the wide side of the spokes gives them a distinctive side cut. Side-cut machining first showed up on our RSII wheels when they were introduced two years ago. Now they are becoming a new trademark of ADVAN Racing wheels, and RZⅡ wheels mark a further evolution of this trademark. The new technique is an "advanced side-cut" on the spokes with no trace of a joint line. Originally, RZ wheel designs had the nut holes where the twin spokes come together, with a web-like reinforcement in that area. On RZⅡ wheels, the side-cut continues right around and across the webbed portion to reduce weight with no reduction in strength, and the result is a much more aggressive look. ADVAN Racing RZⅡ offers an enchanting crossover design of stepped twin spokes with an advanced side-cut. The form these wheels take epitomizes the very latest forged wheel technology.
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