Kreutzer Series XIIi - Japanese


  • These 12-spoke wheels are specially designed PCD100s in 4-hole sets aimed specifically at the compact car market.
  • This one-piece forge-cast wheel combines flow forming production with YOKOHAMA's leading-edge casting technology to create the highest quality in today's aluminium wheel market.
  • Adopts the under-ring design where special milling techniques are used on the back of the spoke-rim connection. After painting, diamond cutting is used to emphasise the brilliant finish of the aluminium. This design looks totally sculpted, despite its small size.
  • The high-quality painting process requires three coatings and three bakings. The selection of four colours includes Shine Silver, Dark Gun Metallic, Bronze (not available in some sizes), and Bright Chrome (not available in some sizes).
  • The centre ornament is of aluminium. The ring portion is milled aluminum and the ornament portion is form forged. The bright chrome portion is fully chrome plated. Other colors are finished with cobalt alumite which has superior UV resistance, and the engraved logotype is set off with black enamel. Six stainless steel bolts hold the ring in place. (The bright chrome wheels use chrome-plated stainless steel bolts)
  • Comes with special small diameter nuts. (Specify the pitch when purchasing. Bolts for imported cars are sold separately.) Also comes with special rim sticker.
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