Kreutzer Xi - European


  • The casting techniques for the 10-spoke design allow a whole new level of finish detail, such as on the under-ring where the spoke meets the rim. In addition, heat-transfer logo stickers are applied to the under-ring area.
  • These one-piece wheels combine high-quality casting methods with flow-forming production techniques. The flow-forming results in a lightweight and very still inner rim.
  • High-quality three-coat three-bake coating. Colours available include Shine Silver, Bright Chrome, Dark Silver Metallic (not available in some sizes), and Gold (not available in some sizes).
  • The centre ornaments are all aluminium. The rings are machined aluminium with chrome plating. After the ornaments are form-forged, they are finished in Matte Silver with engraved black lettering. (Same for all wheel colours)
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