Advan AVS Model F15 - Japanese


  • The design's 15 spokes curve gently toward the centre of the wheel.
  • Utilises four forging forms to create a one-piece wheel that allows a whole new level of surface detail.
  • AVS MODEL F15 4MF FORGED logo is molded 1mm deep and surrounds the bolt holes. (4MF means Four-Mold Formed)
  • Uses advanced bright finish coatings; high-tech Platinum Black and Platinum Silver, plus Mat Black, which leaves 20% of the wheel clear for a bold, aggressive look.(All colours may not be available in every size)
  • The centre ornaments are all aluminium. The rings are machined aluminium with chrome plating. After the ornaments are form-forged, they are finished in Mat Silver with engraved black lettering. (Same for all wheel colours)
  • The 1mm deep engraved logo lettering in the centre is achievable only through mold form forging. The 4MF was taken from the first letters of the MOLD-FORM FORGED 4-mold process. The center part produces a mechanical image along with the elaborate aluminium center ornament, as you would expect only from YOKOHAMA Wheels.
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