Advan AVS Model F50 - European


YOKOHAMA's mold-form forged wheel history began with the AVS MODEL F7, which came onto the market some years long ago. Since then, however, forged wheels came out under the ADVAN Racing brand, and in the AVS brand lineup, the MODEL F15 followed the F7. We continue to aim for the very best in mold-form forged one-piece wheels. As YOKOHAMA broadened its forged wheel lineup, everyone was awaiting the arrival of AVS brand MODEL T5 design in a forged version. Now the version they were waiting for has finally arrived. The new model is the 4th model change since the original VS5 with its twin 5-spoke design arrived. The name alone, AVS MODEL F50, indicates the new model marks a great leap forward. Compared to the previous MODEL T5, the twin-spoke design has markedly wider fork angles, which seems to double the intensity of the wheel's overall impact. In addition, the faces of the spokes are diamond cut, which gives them the image of completely new wheels. The twin spokes also have side cuts on the broad angle side. After painting, these are also diamond cut again, giving the sides of the spokes even sharper contrast. The logos AVS MODEL F50, FORGED, and JAPAN MADE are embossed on the undercut ledge of the rim part, outside the spokes. This clear detail is done with a 3-dimensional cutter after the painting is finished. The centre cap accessory is another new design element, and the ring and ornament are both aluminum. These F50 wheels reflect the current state of the art in forged wheels. While size variations are limited to 20-inch wheels, the size lineup includes wheels for Porsche, Ferrari, Audi R8, and other supercars. One look tells you these wheels are the very best, made for the very best.
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