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Performance Friction (PFC) has a huge range of compounds available, from Street car to Dump-Truck to Racing Car.

PFC Endurance Racing Products: 
PFC331  PFC332  PFC08

PFC Sprint Racing Products:
PFC01  PFC11  PFC13  PFC333  PFC39  PFC15

PFC Track-Day and Road Products:
PFC Z-Rated

Looking for pad applications? Please use the pad finder here.

PFC Discs are cast and manufactured in the USA to the highest standards.
Whether these are for your track-day car or your racing car, you know that these discs will take all the abuse that you can throw at them.

Factory fitment on many racing cars - this is testament to the quality and performance that PFC discs provide.

Development is never ending with the PFC mounting technology. PFC V1, PFC V2 and now PFC V3, PFC is always pushing forward with continual improvements and refinement.

PFC Motorsport Calipers offer the best materials and designs available in the market. Each caliper is FEA optimised for maximum stiffness while being as lightweight as possible.

Each caliper comes equipped with piston caps and ceramic insulators to reduce heat transfer into the caliper body and brake fluid - to ensure the pedal feel is consistent.

High tension and high temperature seals ensure that the brakes release correctly and reduces lap-time robbing drag.


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