Hayden Paddon, NZ Rally Champion

"As a driver I am very critical of the braking performance of my car to give me the confidence to drive flat out. We have tried many different brake pads over the years but we find Endless to be the best brake components out there. Their mix of superiour performance and durability means that we have no brake fade even through some of the most difficult and longer stages throughout Australasia. Their ease on equipment means that we get greater life out of calipers and rotors. We use Endless on both the big Brembo brakes and the standard RS brakes on our Mitsubishis. I wouldn't use anything else."Hayden Paddon

Sean Chia

"MX72 are awesome pads, definitely the best combination pads I've used. On the street they don't appear to feel like a track pad and on the track I couldn't flaw them. There was no noticeable noise, like with associated race pads that I have tried. Bed in procedure (which I followed) was simple. I noticed no difference to stock brake pads for feel on the street. I did over 100 laps on them, and couldn't fault them at all. All in all, drove to Taupo from Wellington on them, around 150-180km's on the race track, and then drove home again. Dust level was up there, but certainly not as bad as other pads I've used (Hawk, Ferodo and Mintex).I have used Hawk HP+, Ferodo DS2500 and Mintex 1166 previously, and ENDLESS MX72 is my new favourite!”

Martin Dunn

"I have used ENDLESS pads for the last 6 years on both my Honda Integra's and wouldn't use anything else. I have tried a couple of other peoples "recommendations" but nothing compares"Martin Dunn Honda Cup H4 Class (2.0+ capacity) Champion 2012/2013

John McIntyre, NZ V8 Touring Car Champion

"Braking is the key to any lap time in circuit racing so choosing a brake pad which bites well and allows for good modulation is imperative. With an under braked system as on the NZV8 the pad used must also be very versatile and cope with high heat ranges. JMR have found the Endless compounds suit our car at every circuit and they are gentle on the control rotor."John McIntyre

Brady Kennett, Production Car Champion

"I found the Endless compound supplied to have fantastic initial bite even from cold, wear factors on the pad are excellent and even on the rotor combination we run. We encountered no problems with soft pedal due to heat fade as some other competitors encountered with rival compounds, we put this down to the combination of Endless pads and Endless RF650 brake fluid supplied to us by Prosport Auto."Brady Kennett

Dale Williams, Production Car Champion

"Without doubt, the fitting of Endless brake pads to the Rayglass Williams Motorsport Evo 9 provided me with the opurtunity to regularly pick up several meters, if not car lengths during braking throughout our very successful 2006/07 tier one racing season which included six round wins from seven and three lap records.The Endless brake pads supplied performed to my highest expectations and I consider the performance of these brake pads vital to my driving style and have no hesitation in recommending Endless brake pads for all levels of motor sport use."Dale Williams

Kayne Scott, NZ V8 Touring Car Champion

"The Endless Brake pads provide me with the confidence needed to exploit the braking potential for every lap.The pedal remains consistent in tandem with the awesome performance."Kayne Scott

Ross Thurston, Production Car Champion

"I found by using Endless brake pads my braking was later with no fade or locking up. I also had no separation with the pad material from the backing plate which can cause the brake pedal to feel inconsistent from when the pad was new to when it was worn."Ross Thurston

Toshi Arai, PWRC Champion

Production World Rally Champion Toshi Arai, has used Endless Brake Pads and Endless Products from his initial challenge into the world rally competition. Endless has been early promoter for Arai’s challenge on the international stage and the products have shown their durability and competitiveness culminating in his win in 2005 for the World Production Rally Championship, with New Zealander Tony Sircombe seated next to him."‘’I have used Endless for the majority of my competitive life, and my confidence in Endless products is at such a great level, that my relationship with them will continue to be for a long time" says Toshi. Toshi’s continued belief in Endless products merely goes to demonstrate the product’s ability and confidence in its long term users.Toshi Arai

Emma Gilmour NZ Rally Champion

"As a driver I am pretty particular about the brake pedal feel when I am driving, because to drive fully committed you always have to believe your brakes are going to behave as you want them to.The Endless brakes are the best pads I have ever driven with. The pad gives me plenty of confidence as they always work 100% and always give a great consistent progressive feel through the brake pedal."Emma Gilmour

Alex Grant, Targa NZ Champion

"Ive tried several different brands of competition pads with standard calipers and rotors over the last two seasons competing in Targa events, and have been getting a maximum of 3 - 4 days competition life from a set of front pads. Richard was able to quickly source and freight a set of N35S directly from Japan for the 2006 targa event and the performance was far beyound my expectations.Not only was there only 3mm pad wear over the 5 days with less than 1mm rotor wear, they provided the best pedal feel of any pad Ive tried with no fade and excellent stopping ability. I was a bit concerned how the N35S material would work after getting cold while queuing for a stage but had no problems. I'd definitely recommend them for both performance and vaue for money."      Alex Grant

Jarad "Barchy" Barchard

"When I started drifting with my standard cable e-brake I found I had to put a bit of effort in to lock up the rears, after watching the pros do it so easy with a hydraulic brake I wanted the same!  Problem was I had a street car and didn’t want to run new lines and chop out my console for a second leaver. After looking around for another option I heard ENDLESS had just released a new pad with a drift compound. Weighing up my options it seemed like the easiest solution to my dilemma.After a couple runs on my first outing with the ENDLESS pads I started to notice the difference, all of a sudden I could just pull the e-brake and the wheels would lock up every time without much effort. Now with the aid of ENDLESS I have progressed from little skid pan days to drifting at Meremere, Ardmore and even hitting Hampton full track! Entering at 140kmph they still work great. At this stage I can’t see the need to use a hydro brake, but I imagine if I did it would be completely effortless to lock up. I just look forward to the next outing where I can put my ENDLESS drift pads to full use."Barchy uses ENDLESS Type-Drift brake pads for maximum initial bite to promote easy rear wheel lock during drifting.

David Wright

"Thanks for your help and advice with the Endless Brake pads for the last two rounds of the Rally Extreme 2WD Championship. The Endless brake pads designed for front wheel drive applications solved all my brake balance issues.The pads give good feel for confident braking in all conditions. This made for increased speed over the shortest to longest stages. There is no doubt in my mind that thesebrake pads helped to give us the result of rally Xtreme 2WD Champions 2007 and 3rd overall in the Rally of the North 2007."David Wright

Glenn Inkster

"We use Endless fluid working in conjunction with the Endless Brake Pads, and brakes perform perfectly. Because of the high levels of grip available, tarmac Rallying is very hard on brakes, especially when using brakes sized for 15" gravel wheel and tyre combination, and for our Endless brake set up to work so well was fantastic."Glenn Inkster

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