ENDLESS R35 GTR Endurance Ready

A full season of Endurance racing awaits us, shortly getting underway with the Mahindra North Island Endurance Championship.

Fleeted in it's 'shake-down' season last year, 2015 will be the first full official endurance campaign for the ENDLESS Brakes R35 GTR, run and managed by International Motorsport.

Over the past year since finalising the initial build, the GTR has undergone mammoth upgrades to reduce weight, increase airflow, enhance aerodynamics and balance amendments to maximise handling.
The ENDLESS Brakes R35 GTR is the first build of it's kind in New Zealand. We are looking forward to seeing this back on track at full potential, amongst the stunning field of contenders in the incredibly impressive line up for 2015. For all season updates make sure you are following the ENDLESS Brakes NZ Facebook Page as well as Prosport Auto on Instagram.

The ENDLESS Brakes R35 GTR runs a ENDLESS Brakes Mono6 Caliper kit with a special heavy-duty sprint compound, RF650 brake fluid as well as Weds Sport and Advan Racing Wheels. These and more premium race-spec products are available from Prosport Auto Ltd.
If you would like any advice with your street, track or race set up from us, please feel free to email mike@prosportauto.co.nz or by call Mike on (09) 238 3560.


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