Rad Feedback: Shane Moore's AE111 Levin

Everyone loves getting great feedback. It's pretty great to be able to work with a product that's a world class like ENDLESS Brakes are, and it's even better to receive feedback from Kiwi drivers.

Shane Moore is one of those Kiwi Drivers who changed to ENDLESS after a call to Mike to discuss improving his braking performance. Shane uses his AE111 Levin on the road as a daily driver, and dabbles in the occasional track-day when he can.
Shane had this to say after using ENDLESS MX72 (Street/Track compound) for the very first time:

"Just wanted to give you some initial feedback on the pads, in a word FANTASTIC!

I got them in and bedded on, then headed down to Hampton Downs for a track session on. The performance right from the start of bedding in was a huge improvement over the standard pad (which had actually started to break down in a couple of spots).

I got an hours worth of track time, in 4 fifteen minute blocks, and the pads performed flawlessly throughout. I didn't get any hint of fade despite braking later and generally giving them a fairly hard time.

Overall they appear to have been good for at least 1.5 second improvement in my quickest lap times with no other changes to the car and similar track conditions.

I say at least 1.5 seconds because I picked up an intermittent miss (later discovered a failed plug lead) and also generally struggled with consistency, so there is possibly more there.

Initial bite on road is noticeably better than stock and certainly hasn't degraded like the stock pads did after a track session. Although I haven't tried any quick stops on cold pads since the track session, but have no reason to expect they aren't still performing well in that regard.

I haven't had a chance to take a closer look at the pads, in particular any wear, but will probably rotate wheels this weekend so I let you know how they look. Although the wear rate would have to be pretty bad to cause me second thoughts given the improvement in performance.

I grabbed a chance to get back to the track again not long after my last session, I threw some Toyo R888 semi slicks on as well. I got in about 1.5 hrs track time and dropped about another 1.5 seconds per lap so the pads were getting an even harder work out.

They performed flawlessly on the track, not an ounce of fade, and I have been daily driving on them since, they are still performing at least as good as OEM from cold, better once warm.

I checked the pads and discs when I changed the semi-slicks on and off and the pads look like they have barely worn, no issues with the discs either. So they seem to be working out perfectly for what I need."

Just something awesome we wanted to share with you all, this made our day.

If you're needing to get any advice on how to get more from your brakes - no matter what the application, feel free to get in touch with Mike on (09) 238 3560 or email him via mike@prosportauto.co.nz


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