Paul Pettit's TRD GT86 + WedsSport SA10R Fitment

We recently had the pleasure of meeting Paul Pettit and getting to know the intricacies of his stunning 2012 Toyota TRD GT86.

Being the show-stopper that this 86 is, we were excited to supply Paul with a set of WedsSport SA10R wheels, showcased during the recent Toyota Festival at Hampton Downs Motorsport Park.

Now not only does this 86 come with the title of New Zealand TRD86 Number 4 (of only nine sold in NZ), we're also told that Paul's pride and joy is the only only official TRD86 GT spec manual in the world.

Naturally, the dash signed by Tetsuya Tada - Toyota 86 Chief Engineer & Father of the 86 is a small daily reminder of just how unique these specimens are, and we're really loving the look which the WedsSport wheels add to the overall package.
So, for people who are unfamiliar about the difference between a TRD 86 model and a "standard" GT86 model, Paul's TRD model includes:
  1. TRD full front bumper
  2. TRD Side skirts
  3. TRD Rear Boot Spoiler
  4. TRD Rear Badge
  5. TRD 18" Forged Wheels
  6. TRD Quad Muffler
  7. TRD Sports Air Filter
  8. TRD Sports Oil Filter
  9. TRD Brembo Brake Kit
  10. TRD Start Button
  11. TRD valve caps for tyres
  12. TRD model official engine bay plaque
And like a kid in a candy shop Paul has added the following straight from the TRD catalogue:
    1. TRD Carbon Strut Bar
    2. TRD Stabiliser (sway bar) set
    3. TRD Coilovers with recommended 15mm drop
    4. TRD chassis rigidity kit
    5. TRD Shift Knob
    6. TRD Fuel Cap Cover
    7. TRD Door Stabilisers
    8. TRD carbon fibre dash panel and door switch panel set
    9. TRD heal plate
    10. TRD carbon fender fins
    11. TRD rear window stabiliser/surround
    12. TRD interior boot set (leather gear lever surround and handbrake leather)
    13. TRD seatbelt pads
    14. TRD front and rear pillowball sets with front camber plates

    All of this makes for one very special piece of kit, and the WedsSport SA10R's nicely add to this:
    The WedsSport SA10R wheel is a 1-piece construction, Street/Track racing wheel made in Japan and available from Prosport Auto.
    For Paul's sizing, each wheel has a 18x9.5 inch 45p offset, and it's precision construction from material to mold means each wheel weighs 9.3 kg's.

    The wheels are finished with a machined face, and Paul has gone for the flat center-cap option (re-stickered with TRD logo).
    A set of WedsSport SA10R wheels will set you back $1950+ GST, an extremely reasonable price when you look at weight, construction, fitment and performance.

    Now back to this beauties stats. After that very impressive shopping list of upgrades, the only non TRD parts you'll find on Paul's GT86 are:

    1. Tints
    2. Personalised slimline plate
    3. Toyota OEM Armrest
    4. Android head unit
    5. HKS OB-Link – displays gauges incl oil temp etc on head unit
    6. Whiteline camber bolts
    7. WedsSport SA10R 18x9.5" wheels with Nitto INVO 255/35/18 tyres
    8. Tom's tail lights
    9. STM Oil cooler
    If you need any help with wheel selection for your road or track vehicle, feel free to contact Mike at Prosport Auto - mike@prosportauto.co.nz. Alternatively, give him a call on (09) 238 3560 anytime.
    Undeniably built with impeccable taste, Paul has one very impressive daily driver-come track thrasher which has been made to enjoy. Paul had the following to say about his new WedsSport SA10R wheels, and we'll leave you with this:

    "They're a fantastic looking wheel, especially on my dark coloured car. Not only do they look good but the quality means I can use them on track without any worries. The affordability of them is the real cherry on top for anyone. Prosport Auto, being a New Zealand supplier made ordering and delivery a breeze".


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