WEDS Imitation Wheel Test: Why Cheap & Fake Just Won't Do

The debate on whether fake or cheap wheels are acceptable isn't new, but we wanted to share Weds Wheels take on this. We'll do this with a look at manufacturer testing between the WedsSport SA55M racing wheel, and a cheap imitation of the same wheel.

Everyone knows you can imitate design, but you can't imitate quality. The entire Weds range has been developed over many decades, with the priority of material, quality, weight reduction, design and safety at the forefront of their minds - no matter the cost.

With this comes the performance which people turn to Weds Wheels for. The results of multiple cheap/fake wheel strength analysis never seem to surprise Weds technicians with their shocking deficiencies. However in more recent years, feedback from Weds Technicians shows that they don't only see the repetitive problems of inferior wheel quality from fake and imitation wheels, but also the continuous "scary" decline in the quality of materials and subsequent "scale" of failures with each test.

"Yeah but i'm only driving on the road and I don't need to worry about wheel strength." Yes you do mate, all you need to think about is when the imitation/cheap wheel will fail, how badly it will fail and how much damage it will cause not only to the car but to you and potential passengers with it. For some wheels, all it takes is a small pot hole. Better in the long run to pay for a bit of safety as well as brag-factor that you're riding on the real thing? Ah huh.

And for track drivers - could be easy as hitting a ripple strip. But we know (hope) you value your life a little more than that. Enough of the jibber jabber, let's take a look at the testing:
You don't have to understand Japanese to see those results.

Weds, unlike other wheel manufacturers are heavy on certification. This is obtained from multiple Japanese national safety agencies, going over and above to ensure that Weds provide only the best quality wheels to road and race users.

Hows this for confidence? Weds develop all of their wheels to surpass not just one, not two, but three national safety and quality standards:
1) Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport "JWL & JWL-T" standards.
2) JAWA (Japan Light alloy wheels association) certification.
3) Nippon Sharyo Inspection Association standards (three types of aluminium strength confirmation tests).

Not stopping there, Weds don't only make their product to meet these standards, Weds test all their products under a further 20% increase of test conditions to ensure the highest quality product is produced.

Is this overkill? Is all this certification really necessary? If you're looking for peace of mind and certainty that it's not going to be your wheels failing you, then our answer would be yes. We sell Weds Wheels because we know they're a professional wheel on all levels - performance, design, quality and safety.

Weds Wheels will look after you and give you the results you want be they looks, speed, strength or a combination all. Why is skimping on wheels not a good idea, well the video says it all and risk wise, you can do the math. Still, cheap and fake imitation wheels do exist. We highly advise against going any where near cheap/imitation wheels for the above reasons and hope you're sold on the matter in the favour of common sense.

If you're looking for any advice on wheel choices, Weds or otherwise for your road or track vehicle Mike from Prosport Auto is here to help. Flick him an email - mike@prosportauto.co.nz or give him a call on (09) 238 3560.


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