ENDLESS Referral Program 2015

In addition to the ENDLESS Driver Support Program, Prosport Auto has another way of helping you get the most competitive price when using ENDLESS Brakes.

The ENDLESS Referral Scheme was introduced by Prosport Auto in 2014 and provides a 10% discount on all ENDLESS product for those who refer new customers that go on to use ENDLESS product for the first time.
These new ENDLESS customers who utilise the referral ALSO receive a 10% discount off their first ENDLESS product purchase!

We've had great feedback on this scheme, and praise that both the 'referrer' and the 'referred' gain from sharing their support of ENDLESS product.

What's more - is that the 'referrer' can save up their referral discount blocks up to receive a maximum of 50% off any ENDLESS product at the time of redemption, each referral is valid for a period of 12 months.

"I was referred on to ENDLESS product by someone who benefited from the referral scheme in 2014. Since then I've realised there's no turning back from using ENDLESS, because it's an unbelievably good product, better than anything else i've tried by miles and the advise and service that comes with the product from Prosport Auto is second to none. Subsequently, i've referred another five new customers who now use ENDLESS and i've benefited in savings each time. I think it's a great way of being introduced to the product, and of being rewarded for sharing the success which ENDLESS provides in every braking application."
- Simon Rollinson, 2K Cup North Island.
Simon Rollinsons North Island 2K Cup Honda Integra.


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