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ENDLESS ME22 Compound – The All-Round Performer

Choosing the right brake pad compound for the job is like choosing the right oil and tyre, a lot depends on the application and those conditions. Sometimes you want to stick with what you know, but sometimes the grass really is greener (blue in this case) on the other side. There are some compounds with a large operating window which are very forgiving to use, this is where Endless ME22 really shines.
Endless ME22 is a medium friction compound from the ENDLESS range of brake pads. As there is no industry standard testing for coefficients of friction, the friction details of 0.33-0.38µ is only relative to the other ENDLESS compounds. Some other manufacturers boast a higher friction coefficient number (µ), but ENDLESS ME22 still outperform these in terms of bite and friction.

Used in a range of cars and classes, Endless ME22 is used by drivers in the NZ's 2KCup Series as well as the National Endurance Championships (NIERDC and SIERDC). Even for fast street use and track days Endless ME22 is a popular choice here. Our NZ 2015/16 Formula Ford champion also uses Endless ME22, showing its versatility and performance in a wide range of applications.

ME22 is based off the ENDLESS ME20 compound, but with more graphite in the recipe for extra disc lubrication. This extra graphite is the key for ME22's performance, allowing the pad to work right from cold temperatures, but with the high temperature resistance like Endless ME20.
The key to long pad and disc life is having the pad to apply a friction layer onto the disc (for adhesive type frictions) in a wide range of conditions. Some harder sprint compounds with higher friction than Endless ME22 require heavier conditions; meaning that they need more brake temperature and more brake pressure for them to be happy and in the "zone".

If any pad falls outside of this ideal operating condition, then the result will be sub-optimal performance and life. It's not to say they won't get the job done, but everyone's looking for longer pad-life and the more cost-efficiency here the better.

Endless ME22 is a great pad to start with for cars that operate a factory braking system and factory brake booster. ME22 can be used with a sports tyre, right up to a slick tyre. Sometimes, if the driver wants a higher bite pad and is using a heavy car with a semi-slick or slick, compounds Endless N35S, N05U or S41S can be a more suitable choice.
As well as in our customers cars, we've used ME22 in our own Mitsubishi Evo 6 and the cold performance is great. It still needs the correct bed-in procedure to get that friction layer onto the disc – this will also keep noise and vibration to a minimum. Combined with a good quality disc and S-Four or RF650 brake fluid, you can really extract the most out of your braking system without needing to upgrade the calipers or disc size.

Gary Ponting – EF Honda Civic. 2015 SIERDC Class 3 champion

Wilwood Front Calipers, OEM 1piece disc. Factory Rear calipers and Discs.
ME22 Pads front, NC44 Pads rear.

"I have been using Endless Pads for the last 3 seasons and the ME22 compound for the last 18 months, I can't speak highly enough of this particular product and compound, it's just awesome! When it comes to endurance racing you need parts and components that you can have absolute trust in to last the distance, the ME22 compound has great bite early on without being too aggressive and is incredibly consistent over an hours racing, no drop off of performance, no overheating issues, no problem!
The wear rate is also extremely good for the level of performance offered and the available supplier support is invaluable, I consider the Endless ME22 brake pads to be great value, I certainly wouldn't use anything other for my racing"

Simon Rollinson – DC2 Honda Integra. 2015/16 2KCup Champion

100% Factory braking system in accordance with 2KCup Rules.
ME22 Pads front and rear.

"ENDLESS ME22 brake pads have been a critical component in running at the front of 2KCUP. Whilst the cars might be cheap, they have to handle 33minutes of racing at a time and a total of 66 minutes racing in a day with no brake cooling or upgrades allowed, ENDLESS pads get the job done allowing me to push the car to the absolute limit lap after lap, race after race.

Consistency and capability are probably the best way to describe ENDLESS ME22 brakes. You can really test the limits of you and your cars ability, knowing that if you overdo it, the brakes are always there to pick up the pieces. They are about the only thing on the car that have not faulted in 3 seasons, in a lot of cases they enable me to make up for lost time when other things go wrong by braking deeper and later into corners.

Quite simply I would not be fighting for championship victory if I was not using ENDLESS brake pads and RF650 brake fluid. Results speak louder than words and the fact that more of my competitors are switching to ENDLESS and noticing increased braking levels and dropping lap times speaks volumes.

Mike at Prosport Auto has also been instrumental in getting the right amount of brake working for me and the Raging Moose racing Integra. Mike's product knowledge, assistance and willingness to listen and take feedback on the product has been brilliant. I just wish he wouldn't supply my fellow competitors…"

Photo Credit: www.pitcrewdesign.co.nz


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