TECH: Floating Discs Part Three

Tech: Cost Savings and Serviceability

After you've installed and enjoyed your Girodisc two-piece discs, beaten them up on the racing circuit and won some trophies, they will eventually need replacing. How often they need replacing will depend on many factors, including vehicle weight, tyre choice, horsepower modifications, ABS settings, brake pad compound and many more. The harder and heavier the brake conditions, the quicker the discs will normally wear out and need replacing.
It's quite normal for the disc surface to "craze" or produce micro-cracks, this is the function of the disc surface being heated and cooled rapidly during hard use. To continue using a disc with micro-cracks is fine, just keep on eye on them to make sure the cracks don't open up or run all the way to the disc edge (outer or inner diameter).
When you're ready to replace your discs, you don't have to throw the whole disc away! All you need is the replacement ring, which (if Girodisc) is supplied with brand new bobbins, bolts and instructions on how to replace them. This is a cost saving and serviceability feature of your installed Girodisc rotors - you get to keep your aluminium hats for another use.

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