Advan Racing RS-D - European


  • These one-piece wheels combine high-quality casting methods with flow-forming production techniques. The flow-forming results in a lightweight and very still inner rim.
  • An one-piece, 10-spoke deep-rim design is based on the ADVAN Racing RS.
  • Each inch size has standard deep and extra deep.The extra deep is the reverse mount type.
  • ADVAN Racing is cast on the rim between the spokes in letters 1mm high. After casting, the letters are engraved on the faces by 3D processing machine. (Bright Chrome wheels are not applied to two-step process .)
  • A special ADVAN Racing RS-D logo sticker on the spoke is included.
  • Two colours of the rim with Diamond Cut Finish: Silver and Black. Others include Bright Chrome and Mat Black, for a total of four colours. (Some sizes are not available in all colours)
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