Advan Racing GT Premium 20" - Japanese


With its introduction in 2012, ADVAN Racing GT quickly carved out a position as the flagship model of the ADVAN Racing brand. Popularity boomed with the introduction of an 18-inch model last year. Still, when all is said and done, the mainstay vehicle model is R35GTR. The 20-inch wheels for that model are available not only in three standard colours, but also in a premium version with a unique logo machined on the spokes. Now, premium versions are available in gloss black, and racing gold was added last year. This year, the colour lineup will expand with racing titanium blue. The new extremely dark blue offers a deep luster, and when the light hits at just the right angle, the wheels show unique hatching and a rich radiance. First we will launch the R35 and Z34 20-inchers, then later, the Racing Titanium Blue will be available in 18-inch Premium Versions as well as Racing Gold.
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