The Problem:

Over the past year, several Porsche customers have come to us wanting to convert to an ENDLESS disc brake system because of the advanced performance (longevity, pedal feel, temperature resistance etc) that ENDLESSproducts provide.

The Porsche factory disc design is drilled and while this is good for performance, it does cause cracking very quickly through those drilled holes. There are current aftermarket disc solutions for these cars, but often the hats wear out quickly where the bobbins float, causing their 2-piece replacement option to become expensive with hats becoming an additional consumable item also.

The Solution

Our Prosport Auto designed hats and straps are made in New Zealand. Hats are manufactured using 6061 grade aluminium, and straps from special grade stainless steel. Our mounting hardware are aircraft grade fasteners and bolts. We use a drilled shank bolt and then split pin each individually, so they can rotate independently.

For the Prosport Auto strap-drive assembly, we designed a brand new hat from an existing Porsche setup, and developed from our own Solidworks drawing. The hat features spare bolt holes, so these can be used on either side of the car.

Prosport Auto Strap Drive

This Prosport Auto strap drive design and concept can be applied to any vehicle, not only a Porsche 997 GT3 Cup car.

If you have a race vehicle that suffers from poor hat life or excessive knock-off, then this system could be perfect for that application.

If you're interested in knowing more about whether a Prosport Auto strap drive system would be right for you, or you have any other questions on your braking performance feel free to contact Mike at Prosport Auto on (09) 238 3560.

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